I've just read a very interesting subject at Quora called: What is the craziest thing you have ever said to your boss, with or without getting fired. Here's one of the stories:

"In the late 90's Internet heyday, I was a product/marketing executive working for a brilliant but crazy man who had a tendency for selling solutions well ahead of our ability to deliver. We had the following exchange once:
Boss: Make it happen.
Me: What you're asking us to do is physically impossible given the constraints of today's technology.
Boss: Maybe you didn't hear me...I told you to make it happen.
Me: I get that you are holding the bar high for us, but this is crazy. In fact, you are crazy. You are narcissistic, juvenile, crude, conniving, sexist, and lacking any ethical boundaries whatsoever. You are crazy! Yet somehow you consider that combination of attributes to be your leadership style. You are seriously fucked up, like, in a need-a-strait-jacket sort of way.
Boss: [pause] You forgot "rich".
He went on to the next meeting with a smile."

Source: Quora

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