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Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory - Applying It To The Workplace -

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, 11-03-2015 at 11:49 AM (117509 Views)
Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory - Applying It To The Workplace

Herzberg’s theory is made up of hygiene and motivator factors. Hygiene factors consist of things that a business creates such as job security, wages, and salaries as well as working conditions if these factors aren't taken care of properly by the business; often poor working conditions can cause an employee to be dissatisfied and create substandard performance.

Motivator factors are based more on an individuals needs and lead more to job satisfaction; elements such as growth, achievement and responsibility fall into this category. When they exist, motivator factors actively create job satisfaction. If they are effective, then they can motivate an individual to achieve above-average performance and effort.

It is important to understand that employees are not unmotivated by hygiene factors but feel dissatisfied without them. People are only driven by what Herzberg identified as motivation factors which give a deeper sense of achievement and meaning.

A badly managed team with poor working conditions and low pay would not motivate any employee. Hygiene Factors are basic needs of every employee that an employer must satisfy before they can start looking at motivation.

Creating Motivation In The WorkPlace

  • Insure hygiene factors are sufficient enough so employees don't become demotivated.
  • Insure work is rewarding and challenging to motivate employees to work harder.
  • Continually develop employees to keep motivation high.
  • Reward and Recognise high achieving employees.
  • If possible Rotate employees roles to keep Job interest high.
  • Insure employees have training resources to continually develop themselves.

Differentiation Factor

Not every employee will have the same motivation factors it is important to identify what motivates each different employee so you can work towards satisfying their needs.

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Jaimee Whitehead is the author of " Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory - Applying It To The Workplace ". Connect with Jaimee on LinkedIn.
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    Great article defining the conditions which create great employees. Unfortunately, a great many struggling businesses cant afford to accommodate an employee's motivation and conditions. Upward mobility, salary increases, comfortable working conditions, benefits and compensation are costly to implement. What are some alternative avenues of increasing employee morale and productivity for a business that is struggling? Is fairness in our corporate culture and employee satisfaction reliant completely on this criteria or can we think of something more interpersonal to instill a sense of importance and value into our employees?
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